Who We Are

Welcome to The Zen Helper. We would like to first say thank you for visiting our community and we hope once you see and experience what we are about, and what we strive to do, you will decide to join us frequently and continue to use and exhibit the tools, resources and sense of connection the community and site can offer. 

Here at The Zen Helper, as fellow “helpers”, we will provide you with resources, tools, blogs, guided skill building, Zen community discussion posts, and workshops that will aid, assist and hopefully walk along side you as you become a more balanced, healthy, and self-supportive helper.  And perhaps you will find one thing or many things to guide towards more self fulfillment.

In the helping profession, we burnout; we vicariously experience the struggle of others and we give more of ourselves then to ourselves most of the time.

This site will provide you a path as well as resources and skills to develop, strengthen and share, as an effort to start giving back to the “helpers” in an abundance of ways, both diverse and simplistic in nature. 

Emily Greenway, MPH

Emily grew up in South Carolina where she attended the College of Charleston and obtained her Bachelors of Science in Public Health. After undergrad, Emily continued her education at the Medical University of South Carolina where she received her Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Health Behavior and Promotion. Her education only fueled her passion for providing equitable resources to help individuals from all walks of life achieve an internal bliss. After diving into meditation and yoga for her personal use, Emily received her Mindfulness Certification in hopes of helping others develop the tools to maintain focus on the task at hand. In her professional life, Emily has worked in sexual assault and domestic violence research, HIV case management, and now is a program supervisor at a child welfare agency in Colorado. Trauma informed approaches have been an integral part of Emily’s mission and she has dedicated her life to being able to give a voice back to those that feel as if theirs was taken away. Feeling with intensity and seeing life’s circumstances from a unique point of view, Emily has discovered the importance of a holistic approach to well-being. Paired with her love for science and theory, Emily is humbled to be able to share the benefits of a this collaborative approach with you all.

Maria Huddleston, LSW, CCTP

Maria started her work with others early by always looking for opportunities to help, while fighting injustices and advocating for the oppressed. It was no surprise that she naturally turned to the journey of building herself into a vessel that could project and provide healing all around her. She studied for six years earning her Bachelors and then Masters of Social Work, afterwards immediately diving into the helping field to provide emotional and social support to the Domestic Violence profession in the Chicago land area. She plugged her passion into helping and healing for the safety of vulnerable individuals and their children while fighting to assist in breaking the turbulent and heartbreaking cycles that the people she worked along side were dealing with. After this work, Maria relocated to Colorado and joined an amazing agency that helps prevent and mitigate child abuse and neglect while promoting safety and motivating change for the vulnerable populations which are served through the work. Maria is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and is educated and experienced in working with development and neurological/psychological/physiological based impacts from trauma. Maria also has learned, practiced and depended greatly on yoga, meditation and alternative lifestyle practices to assist in her own self healing and growth throughout the years. Maria believes “diverse work, purpose, and passion rest greatly on creating and maintaining a diverse, immersive and open minded practice for sustainability of self love and devotion to human balance.” She believes life is a blessing of significant opportunities and how we choose to use those blessings with ourselves and others provides a great magnitude of enrichment and enlightenment both in happiness and hardship. Maria has accomplished many things, among those, her most impactful and important by far, are the acts of love and helping change the lives of others for the better. She is a “seed planter” and enjoys planting the seeds of hope, growth and healing for others to nurture and enjoy altruistically. Maria is a helper “through and through”.